Who is dTv consulting llc?

dTv consulting llc provides consulting services for digital television, including consulting on services for delivering audio, video, applications, and real-world interfaces for interactive media.

Steve Calzone, the President of dTv consulting llc, is also a founding partner at Shift 2 Stream Inc., and has enjoyed over 35 years of industry experience.  He has authored and been awarded over a dozen patents on interactive television and related applications of technology. Steve has held engineering and executive management positions at Cox Communications, and Scientific-Atlanta.  He currently serves as Chairman, ATSC TG3/S37 Specialist Group on Conversion and Redistribution of ATSC 3.0 Services.  Steve works with industry experts to deliver on research and development projects for cable operators and broadcasters.

What is digital television?

Digital television comprises all of the components in the media processing and delivery chain used to produce broadcast television. From content production and origination through consumer interactions with media and media players, set-top boxes and TV’s.

DTV Consulting has the expertise and knowledge to deliver on your projects and productions!

We can help you with the following efforts:

  • video and stream processing services (transcoding, storage, playout)
  • audio production and music soundtracks
  • applications embedded in broadcasts for NextGenTV
  • interfaces for controlling devices in the Internet of Things
  • data archival and long-term storage retrieval
  • cloud systems software and services development
  • systems architecture and product design for interactive TV services
  • product development for cable and broadcast applications
  • product research, development, testing, and documentation services